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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has multiple functions in the human body, but it is relatively unstable and easily oxidized in aqueous solutions, which is followed by rapid degradation. AA2G™ is a vitamin C derivative synthesized from vitamin C and starch by the use of enzymes. In AA2G™ vitamin C is stabilized with glucose. When used in skin cream, AA2G™ delivers healthier and younger looking skin over a prolonged period by the activation properties of natural enzymes in the skin.
AA2G™ is a conjugate consisting of one molecule of glucose linked at the C-2 hydroxyl radical of vitamin C. AA2G™ is non-reducible and very stable to oxidative conditions. AA2G™ has the same biological activity in the body as vitamin C. It is hydrolyzed into vitamin C and glucose by α-glucosidase, the enzyme naturally existing in cell membranes in the body, including the skin. Studies have confirmed that AA2G™ is safe when used topically.
AA2G™ is a cosmetic ingredient for use in skin creams and lotions. AA2G™ is gradually converted into active vitamin C in the skin, so it has a greater sustained effect than conventional vitamin C. Its application in skincare products, in addition to its use as a brightening agent, is primarily in moisturizing and sunscreen products for everyday use. This includes cosmetics to prevent photo-aging and anti-wrinkle cosmetics. All these applications are supported by several studies. AA2G™ is used as an active ingredinet in “Quasi-drug” products in Japan.

INCI name:Ascorbyl Glucoside